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Your invitation sets the tone of your wedding day and sparks guest intrigue.

The wedding invitation may be the very first hint of your wedding day that your guests will be experiencing. So you want to think about the impact that you will be creating and ensuring that this is done in such a way that compliments your style and the wedding details that are to follow.

At Paper Skeleton the first aspect of design comes down to the format, what size is the invitation, what shape is it and how the content is laid out.

I consider the interaction between your guest and your invitation, and the tactile experience that this creates. From the very first look of the envelope that the invitation comes in, to the thickness of the paper and the textures used and how this feels, to how the paper elements come together as one.

I encourage interaction and on many of the designs you will see you will notice that there are various ways in which this can be achieved.

There are three design services that I offer, ‘Tailored Collections’, ‘Zine-Vites’ or ‘Go Bespoke’, click on each one to find out more about these differing services.


Blossom Tailored Collection


Zine-Vite : Two


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