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The Background



I have been asked a few times, why the name Paper Skeleton?

So firstly, coming up with a name for your own business is probably the hardest decision to make, EVER! It took a lot of brainstorming, and a lot of terrible ideas. But it is just as important to write those down too.

I decided to think about my approach to design and how I tackle a new design brief. And the way that I do that is to break the brief down to its simplest form, and then put it back together again but with design solutions, and figuring out the components that make up the style.

The keyword that I picked apart was ‘Foundation’, as it is at the core, its the strength, it’s what is holding all of the pretty together. I thought of other structures that was suggestive of foundation, and came to the word ‘skeleton’. I looked at skeletons of all types, not just bones, but also leaves, insects, webs. I loved how it became so delicate. So then after playing around with this word and by pairing it with one of the most delicate materials – paper – it became ‘Paper Skeleton’. Something clicked, I loved it.

When you put a word like skeleton in a delicate script font like I have in my logo it completely changes from what would be your initial impression of a skeleton.

I also like that the word Skeleton isn’t a word you would associate with weddings, and I wanted to make sure that I was speaking to the right audience. People who would appreciate that it is a little off the wall and ‘get me’. Someone who is not looking for traditional.


I have been a Graphic Designer for over ten years, and studied at both Aberdeen College and Gray’s School of Art (graduating with a First Class BDES HONS).

Whilst studying I worked as a Graphic Designer at a design agency (starting whilst in my second year of college as a Junior Designer) and working my way up to Senior Designer and Studio Manager. In total I worked there for seven years, and learned A LOT. I then continued my creative journey in a Marketing Team in a more corporate environment then moving on to the Food and Drinks Sector ending up in Whisky as a Brand Development Manager. Although on paper this was a ‘dream job’, it just wasn’t for me anymore. While in the last two roles I began Paper Skeleton as a ‘side project’, working on wedding stationery in the evenings and weekends, which meant I could build up a portfolio of wedding stationery. The day finally came when I  handed in my notice and took on Paper Skeleton full time. It has been the best decision I have ever made!