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Starting Your Wedding Stationery Journey


In this blog post I will hopefully be able to help you if you are at the start of your stationery planning or thinking about organising stationery some time soon, by answering some of the questions that I often get asked by couples.

first things first

First of all you will probably have your venue booked (which will determine your special date) along with some of your other date specific suppliers. I often get asked how far in advance you should be getting in touch with your stationer, and I would say from this point it’s never too early to begin your research and find the supplier you would like to work with. Depending on what stationery you are looking for, for example do you want save the dates, invitations and all of your on the day stationery from the same stationer (more about save the dates on my next blog post), or would you just like to have your invitations but would like a bespoke design made just for you. If the answer to this is yes, then I wouldn’t leave getting in touch too late. At Paper Skeleton, I would recommend leaving it no later than 9 months before your big day (if sending 3 months prior to your wedding day) for bespoke. This is a question you will need to ask your chosen stationer, as all stationers may have different working time scales depending on what it is that you are looking for.

"it’s never too early to begin your research"
Karla Rose


Sometimes looking online for inspiration in places such as Pinterest and Instagram can be great but also overwhelming. I would start by making a board or saving all of the images that initially ‘call out’ to you in one place, once you feel like you have compiled enough imagery, I would stop at this stage (as tempting as it is to keep pinning).

Look at all of these images together so far, either on screen or if you prefer, print them out and look at them all in front of you. Now start highlighting the things that you like about each image and write this down, you might start to see a recurring theme in your list. Such as ‘I like the use of fonts’, or ‘I like the neutral tones used’, it could even be things like ‘I really liked the way they put together their wording’, this will help set the tone and start creating a foundation for the style that you gravitate towards the most.



Once you have your list, I would then look at other styling elements that you are adding to your day, such as are you incorporating flowers on the day? What type and how are they used. How are you dressing/styling the venue,what are you wearing. You may find that these items you are choosing have some similar attributes to the type of stationery that you are favouring. So overall you are choosing things that are your style and these keywords and descriptions are great for when it comes to choosing or designing stationery.

Once you have an idea on what kind of style you like, start contacting stationers that look like they work well to this style. Look at their website and social media channels and see if their overall style and portfolio matches up to what you are looking for.

Stationers may have different design services that they offer. For example at Paper Skeleton I offer a bespoke design service and also have collections that can be tailored to suit. If they have a portfolio of designs already available that can be customised, then have a look at the ones that you like the most. They may have samples you can order or a shop or studio you can visit.

If you can’t quite find one that you like, but you really would like to work with them and feel like they could capture what you are after then they may offer a bespoke design service. Contact them and summarise what you are looking for, perhaps you can arrange to meet or chat on the phone. At this stage you will be able to use all of the keywords and images you have compiled to give them an idea on what you are looking for.’


If you would like to have a look through Paper Skeleton’s Tailored collections, then why not grab a cuppa and have a browse.

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