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The Process

No matter what stage you are at in your wedding stationery planning,Paper Skeleton is here to help.

You may be very recently engaged and at the beginning of your wedding planning journey or you may be right in the middle, either way I would be delighted to help you with your stationery.

First step

Have a think about what your style is. This is always easier to visualise when you bring it to life in a mood board or Pinterest board. I would suggest putting images in here of the elements of your day that you like the look at. For example the venue style, the type of food you will be serving, the colour palette you like, types of decoration – are you having flowers? What kind do you like? All of this will help define your style. Is it a laid back minimal aesthetic with neutral tones and accent colours? This all helps in the stationery process – from blending colours to complement your day to choosing a font that sets the right tone for you.

Second step

If you are at the stage where you have created a mood board and have a good idea on what sort of style you like then have a look through the different design services that I offer. I have three different services to choose from; ‘Tailored Collections’, ‘Zine-Vites’ and the option to ‘Go Bespoke’. You can click below to have a read through each of these and to also view designs and examples.

Third Step

Once you have had a look through each design service, you can then either order a sample from my online shop if you like a certain ‘Tailored Collection’ or ‘Zine-Vite’. If you would prefer to ‘Go Bespoke’, then please fill out the questionnaire below so I can find out a bit more and from here we can arrange a consultation either taking place at my studio in Aberdeen or over the phone/skype or even email.

On the day stationery

If you have already sorted your save the dates and invitations, but are looking for some on the day stationery items, then please get in touch and fill in the form below.