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Do I send out save the dates?

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So, this is a question I get asked quite regularly, and there really is no right or wrong answer. I always say that this is completely your choice and there are many reasons for sending save the dates and for deciding to go straight in and send out the invitations. Below I will list reasons for yes and reasons for no that I have come across and hope that this helps you make the right decision for you.

save the date
save the date

Yes to save the dates

So let’s start off by going over some points as to why you might want to send out a save the date. You may be at the point where you have just booked your venue and now have your special date … YESSSS!! You did it!!! Ticking that job off the list is a biggie. Now soon after you may want to firm up those all important special guests. The guest list may or may not be an easy task, but when you do tackle this job and have a firm list, do you now want to give your invited guests to be a heads up via post?

"This tactile experience can be quite a thrill, from opening the envelope, to unveiling what is inside."
Karla Rose

The experience

We are currently knee deep in a time where we are consumed by screen time. Most communication is via Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype … you get the jist! And wouldn’t you agree that it is quite exciting (although pretty rare) when something special comes through the post personally addressed to you – that isn’t junk or a bill. This tactile experience can be quite a thrill, from opening the envelope, to unveiling what is inside. Consider what materials have been used, how does it open, how does it feel in your hands to the tone of voice used and words chosen. All elements of this experience is creating the very first step in the entirety of the whole wedding experience. When considering this, compare this experience to perhaps sending out a group text or email – what do you think would be the best fit for you and your guests in asking them to save the date. Whatever your style, you will have a feeling on what you prefer.

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You know your guests best!

Remember that you will know your guests best more than any supplier that you speak too, so keep them in mind when considering a save the date. Consider the location of your wedding and the location of your guests. Will a save the date with these details be helpful to them as soon as possible so they can take time from work, book travel and accommodation? You may also have accommodation in mind (perhaps with special rates) that you want to notify them of, so they can book in asap. And you can add this information on to your save the date, keeping it all together.

save the date

Buying you more time

 You have probably already quickly come to realise that planning a wedding requires A LOT of organisation and quite a few lists. Yay for the fellow list lovers out there 🙂 (Please note:- don’t forget it is okay to write something on your list that you have already done just to get a thrill out of crossing it off immediately – I do this often)
SO when it comes to giving your guests all of the information they will need to know. You may find the questions will be rolling in quite soon after the engagement – “When are you getting married?”, “Where is it?”, Is it at a weekend?”, “Should I book a hotel?” etc etc. So to ease the tension and to maybe get a few eager beavers off your back you can send out a save the date, giving you time to compile the full information required for your invitations.
The invitation design whether this is printed or a website, you will probably want to add quite a bit of information on here. The obvious parts which are who’s getting married, the date/time and venue, but also don’t forget any additional information that will be useful to your guests, that they will want to know ahead of the day. Such as …. Venue information – directions/travel – you might be putting on a bus or want to let them know how to get there, and what hotels are nearby etc. You may wish to add a gift list or include a menu choice if you are giving your guests options. Other points such as:- is the invitation not extended to children, do you want to include an order of the day timeline. This information can take a while to compile or you may need to wait to confirm some of these details with other suppliers. So by sending out a save the date you may feel that you will be able to buy yourself a bit more time and also be able to send out your invitations closer to the date (I recommend 3 months prior).

Also note …


A ‘Save the Evening’, is also a thing, so just ask if your stationer if they can make up a variation of your save the date design so you can also give your evening guests a card too. Make it clear that this is for evening so no assumptions are made, but still ensures they have a heads up on keeping that date free for your celebrations!

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Okay so you may find that those points make a lot of sense but still unsure if it is really necessary to post a save the date, so here are some reasons for maybe not posting out a save the date.

No to save the dates

Alternative to posted save the dates

There is no pressure to get printed save the dates. You may have an alternative way of giving those guests to be a heads up on your special date. I have heard of couples setting up a Facebook group, sending out messages, making phone calls, and letting family spread the word. You may have a smaller group of invited guests that you will be contacting anyway so can let them know in person. 


Obviously without physical save the dates this saves the cost involved in getting these designed and printed/made up, so you will then be able to allocate this money to something else on your wedding list or put it towards the invitations that you really want.

So if you would prefer to opt out of sending out a printed save the date and dive straight in to your invitation, then go for it! I would suggest trying to compile as much information as possible, confirming details and times etc, so you can have the option of sending your invitations a bit sooner to take the pressure off, and the worry that some guests may not have kept the date free.

Thought to consider

If you do decide to go for a save the date but are a bit fearful of committing to certain colours and style so early on in the planning stage, then why not create something simple and neutral? This will make sure you aren’t committing too soon. Perhaps include something that you know for sure won’t change such as a venue drawing? Or keep it simple with typography and neutral tones?


Of course whatever you choose will be the right decision for you, and your stationer will guide you through the process with ease, after all this is what they do, so make sure to discuss any of your concerns with them. If you would like to chat with me then get in touch below! 🙂

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