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YES OR NO? So, this is a question I get asked quite regularly, and there really is no right or wrong answer. I always say that this is completely your choice and there are many reasons for sending save the dates and for deciding to go straight in and send out the invitations. Below I will list reasons for yes and reasons for no that I have come across and hope that this helps you make the right decision for you. Yes to save the datesSo let’s start off by going over some points as to why you might want to send

WHERE DO I BEGIN In this blog post I will hopefully be able to help you if you are at the start of your stationery planning or thinking about organising stationery some time soon, by answering some of the questions that I often get asked by couples. first things firstFirst of all you will probably have your venue booked (which will determine your special date) along with some of your other date specific suppliers. I often get asked how far in advance you should be getting in touch with your stationer, and I would say from this point it’s never too early

Hello For those of you reading who have found yourself here for the first time, then hello :) I am delighted that you are here. My name is Karla and I am the owner of this business called Paper Skeleton (find out more about the reason behind the name here). I design and make stationery for weddings and events, but mainly for weddings, and I would not change my job for the world. My background is in Graphic Design, 11 years to be precise, and I am happy to say that I still LOVE this path that I have found myself on.